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History of American Bank

Oil Painting of American Bank

The American Bank & Trust Company opened in Opelousas, Louisiana on September 22, 1958. The Bank was founded by Frank J. Diesi, who was determined to implement his vision of what banking should be. That vision became a tradition that is still alive and flourishing today at American Bank & Trust Company.

American Bank & Trust Company was founded with American values in mind - Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Trust. We uphold these values every day and we see them in our customers. Our customers choose to bank with us because they know that they can rely on us, on our character and on our ability to get things done.

Since 1958 American Bank & Trust Company has added locations in Opelousas, Krotz Springs, Port Barre, Lawtell and Lafayette, staffed with friendly banking experts who have the experience and understanding necessary to provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive banking services that are reliable and unchanging. American Bank & Trust Company was founded on the principles that people want and need personal attention from professionals who are genuinely interested in their financial situation and needs. Knowledgeable personal service is what American Bank & Trust Company has been proudly providing to customers since 1958.

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Mission Statement

Sal Diesi. Leadership is an American asset

Our goal at American Bank & Trust Company is to provide for and service the needs of the community, whether the needs be in the form of assistance (loans), investments (CD's, IRA's) or as a depository (checking, savings).

The goal of the bank branches (Lafayette, Lawtell, Creswell Lane, Krotz Springs and Port Barre) is to provide the above services to a greater area of people.